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Traditional Filipino dishes

Our catering service is to provide food for your medium to large gathering using Pampangueño's style of cooking with a Chinese blend!  We are available Saturdays and Sundays.
NOTE:This is not our first job and have Monday to Friday work as well.  We do this as a weekend hobby as we have passion for cooking.  Until further notice, we can only accept functions on Saturday starting at 4PM and Sunday starting at 1PM.

Use this as a guide only and not included in any package deal.

  • 5 Dishes of 2 x 5 Litre Container Food & 300 pieces Finger Foods can feed ~100  to ~120 people
  • 6 Dishes of 2 x 5 Litre Container Food & 2 x 200 Finger Foods can feed ~130 to ~150 people
Food Choices   Medium 3.5 Litre Container Large 5 Litre Container
    Between 4Kg to 5Kg Between 6Kg to 7Kg
Adobo Chicken      
Adobo Pork      
Adobo Pusit      
Afritada Beef      
Afritada Chicken      
Afritada Pork      
Arroz Valenciana (Bringhe) Chicken      
Asado Beef      
Asado Chicken      
Asado Pork      
Bake Salmon Cutlet (5kg) w/ Soy, Onion and Tomato      
Bake Salmon Fillet (5Kg) w/ Soy, Onion and Tomato      
Bake Salmon Whole Fish (5kg+) w/ Soy, Onion and Tomato      
Binagoongan Beef      
Binagoongan Pork      
Boscaiola Fettucinni      
Caldereta Beef      
Caldereta Chicken      
Caldereta Pork      
Carbonara Fettucinni      
Chop Suey      
Diniguan Pork      
Ginataan Kalabasa't Sitaw      
Ginataan kalabasa't Sitaw with Prawn      
Green Beans with Minced Pork & Prawn in Shrimp Paste      
Green Beans with Minced Pork in Shrimp Paste      
Hong-Ba (Lutong Pineapple Juice) Pork      
Kare Kare Beef      
Kare-Kare Pork      
Mechado Beef      
Mechado Chicken      
Mechado Pork      
Menudo Pork      
Palabok (Pancit Luglug)      
Palabok with Prawn      
Pancit Bihon (Rice Sticks)      
Pancit Canton (Fried Mike)      
Pancit Mike (Hokkien Noddles) with Beef & Prawn in Oyster Sauce      
Pata Tim      
Pinakbet with Prawn      
Pinakbet with Smoke Fish      
Rice Noodle with Chicken & vegies in Oyster Sauce      
Vegies with Beef in Hoisin Sauce      
Vegies with Tiger Prawn in Oyster Sauce      

Per Piece Order

Finger Food Choices Per Piece
Fried Chicken  
Lumpiang Shanghai (approx. 2 inches) 250-500+ pieces  
Lumpiang Shanghai (approx. 2 inches) 150-250 pieces  
Lumpiang Shanghai (approx. 2 inches) 50-150 pieces  
Lumpiang Shanghai raw (approx. 6 inches)  
Lumpiang Shanghai Pate raw (large take-away container)  

We only now do Full Catering service and we do not accept food order anymore
Please check our Booking Calendar as we only do one booking per weekend.

For Full Service Function, please see the function packages.
1. Per Head Packages
2. Per Range Packages

A 50% deposit should be paid a week before the event and the balance upon delivery of the foods and/or services to the event.  We charge $100 booking fee to secure our services that will be inclusive within the total payment.  Booking fee is not redundable if you cancel your booking.  We accept cash, bank deposit/transfer or credit card payment.

Travel Surcharge for Functions outside of Blacktown Area (10 Kilometer radius) see map:

If you require Event Decorator, please contact Cherizhed Momentz.

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